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Advanced Cloud Solutions You Can't Find Elsewhere!
We provide cloud solutions tailored to the specific needs of both IT Service Providers, and regional small businesses. Using our extensive background in both software and hardware development, combined with decades of experience designing and managing data centers, we offer our clients an unmatched set of cloud resources to help keep their data safe and business running at all times.
Is Your Industrial Refrigerator Or Freezer About To Die?
If you had Vigilant Monitoring Service from Ethos Info, not only would you get e-mail and text alerts when the temperature is out of range, but you would also have access to historical graphs giving you advance insight into how your units are performing so you can plan for maintenance before emergencies happen. We are happy to come to your site and show you a live demonstration with your freezers or refrigerators, so call, click, or e-mail now for more details!
Williamsburg: (757) 512-8270   Richmond: (804) 451-3733   Charlottesville: (434) 509-1160   E-mail: info@ethosinfo.com   Visit us on Facebook   Visit us on LinkedIn
Cloud Solutions For IT Providers
As an IT Provider, you understand typical cloud solutions never work the way your clients need. That is why working with Ethos Info is such a major advantage. We design and develop our own cloud systems, including both the systems in the data center and the software and hardware solutions we deploy to the field at end-user sites. That gives us the flexibility to work the way your clients work, without you having to force them to change their workflow or processes.
Cloud Solutions For Small Businesses
Small business owners are frequently told they need to use “the cloud” to make their lives easier, but few actually are told what the cloud actually is, or what benefits it really can bring to their business. Our engineers are happy to come to your site and spend time with you discussing the ways our cloud tools can be put to use in your environment, to help you and your staff work more efficiently and effectively. It won't cost you a dime to have us come in and offer our advice and expertise.
What Makes Us Better?
Many people believe it is better to use a cloud service from one of the behemoth providers than a smaller regional company. There are a few problems with that approach.
What Is The Cloud?
Just about anyone who has owned a computer, tablet, or cell phone in the past few years has had some interaction with “the cloud.” But what exactly is the cloud?
Is My Data Safe In The Cloud?
Data is the life-blood of your business, so there simply is no room for mistakes when it comes to keeping it safe and secure. With our background and approach, you can rest easy knowing your data is always safe.
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